Life as we know it has drastically changed with the emergence and rapid spread of COVID-19 as a global pandemic. The media has changed all of it’s focus to discussing the effects of this virus in an effort to educate and protect the public but unfortunately most of us at home are receiving this as scare tactics and are not getting educated on the necessary steps to take to protect ourselves. While much is not known about this virus, it has been strongly correlated with populations that are immune compromised, have pre-existing conditions such as obesity and metabolic syndrome, and the elderly population. Bearing this in mind, it is apparent that enhancing our health and immune function can help to potentially allow us to handle this virus better than if we are unhealthy. This can be done by modifying lifestyle factors, as well as taking supplements, such as Nourish. 

Nourish contains zinc, which is an essential trace element that is involved in many different metabolic functions and helps to stimulate the activity of enzymes. This mineral is essential for DNA synthesis, growth and development and most importantly, immune function. Certain foods do contain zinc such as oysters, beans, nuts and some fortified grains, though many people don’t get enough zinc to have optimal levels for a robust immune system. That is why taking Nourish daily can help to increase your intake. People with gastrointestinal problems and those that do not consume animal meats (including fish) are at higher risk for having inadequate levels of zinc because of the lower absorption in those cases. Even mild zinc deficiency can impair immune function. “The body requires zinc to develop and activate T-lymphoctes. Individuals with low zinc levels have shown reduced lymphocyte proliferation response to mitogens and other adverse alterations in immunity that can be corrected by zinc supplementation” (National Institute of Health). Zinc is only one of the many ingredients in Nourish that aid in a healthy immune system. Magnesium is another mineral in Nourish that is essential for many metabolic processes in the body. A deficiency of magnesium is associated with impaired cell- mediated immunity. Many people do not get enough magnesium from their diets so adding in a supplement like Nourish can help.

There are so many benefits to adding Nourish to a healthy diet, immune function being at the top of that list. With everything going on in the world right now, including stress running high, Beeline Wellness is determined to make human beings of all types healthier to be able to withstand any virus and just live a healthier, happier life.