The Importance of Gut Health

The Importance of Gut Health

Have you ever heard the saying “the gut is the second brain”? Lately, people are looking deeper into root causes of health issues as opposed to just putting band aids on symptoms. The gut is the place to start. The gut and brain are interconnected in many ways. For example, hormones that regulate peristalsis, gastric secretions etc. are regulated by signals that come from the brain. When a person has stress, anxiety and/or depression, this directly affects the gut and digestion. Cancer patients that are undergoing treatment not only have a difficult time absorbing nutrients because of the harsh effects of treatment, but can also have gut issues due to anxiety and depression of having the disease.

Using a dietary supplement like Soothe can helps tremendously to help the gut function better and reduce these issues. Ginger root and B6 help to decrease nausea, magnesium is an essential nutrient that helps to repair the gut and make bowel movements easier, and Gutgard helps to reduce any GERD and H. pylori.


Rachel Namery, MS

Manager of R&D, Formulator and Nutrition Coach

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