Our Story Started with Cancer

We’ve all had to watch someone we care about battle cancer. Aggressive treatments like chemotherapy can be nearly as unpleasant as the disease itself. Nausea and frequent vomiting can ravage a recovering body, depleting vital nutrients, and attacking the immune system at the exact time when we need our
bodies most to battle the disease. 

Doctors and patients agree.

Some of the most devastating side effects of chemo arise from the body's
responses to the attack on the immune system. Our bodies react by first developing mouth sores, dry
mouth and nausea. This is the body's way to say something isn’t right. Our commitment to cancer
treatment wellness begins with the goal of minimizing the side effects of this response and helping the
body return to a state of homeostasis so it can combat chemo care and chemotherapy. 

But we didn’t stop there.

According to the physicians at Texas Oncology, the average cancer treatment
recovery time is nine months. They also found that being active and having a positive attitude plays a
pivotal role in the success of recovery. The mouth and gut play vital roles in the human immune system -
- when they are out of balance, we experience mouth sores and nausea.  Beeline Wellness products
provide immediate relief of both, which boosts appetite and reduces pain associated with eating and

The doctors we consulted while building the Beeline Wellness products consistently complained that
nutritionally sound immune boosting products don’t readily exist -- they are being ignored by the
pharmaceutical giants. Doctors need their patients to consume healthy nutritional meals and for their
immune systems to be strong enough to accept as many nutrients and in prime condition to fight off
the disease. But painful mouth sores, heavy nausea make eating and drinking difficult. And the
mainstream supplement shakes available today lack many of the essential nutrients recommended to
build immunity.

Mouth sores. Nausea. Nutrition.

Doctors, patients, and specialists agreed that Beeline Wellness could make the greatest and most
  immediate impact by developing products that specifically addressed the 3 most common side-effects
of treatment:  

1. Mouth Sores

2. Nausea

3. Nutrition


Mouth sores are a painful indication of a severely depleted immune system.  Our goal is to reduce pain
and balance oral cavity health, which is a vital part of the immune system.  HYDRATE works to lubricate
the oral cavity and provide a layer of protection to help prevent future bacterial infection.  HYDRATE
helps make the mouth a welcoming environment for good bacteria and a hostile environment for bad

Heal the sores and return the oral cavity to the biggest and best immune blocking system in the body
with HYDRATE -- blocking the bad pathogens and bacteria.  A healed oral cavity is a pain-free oral cavity
-- allowing the ingestion of nutrients and liquids and providing even more immune boosting benefits.

For NAUSEA we created SOOTHE.

Extreme nausea and vomiting are two of the most common and difficult side effects of chemotherapy. 
Similar to mouth sores, nausea and vomiting are the body’s way to tell us our immune system is severely
compromised.  Healthy intestines and digestive tract are vital components for overall good health. If
our bodies are sick (nauseous and vomiting), we are expelling good nutrients, good medicine, and we are
not able to replace the good gut-building bacteria through proper eating to help return the digestive
track to a level of hemostasis.

The first step in rebuilding gut immunity so to stop the nausea and vomiting or provide supplementation
to soothe the gut and relax it.  While we don’t claim to be able to prevent nausea and vomiting, SOOTHE
includes enough ginger to settle the gut and provide fast-acting relief.

And we created the NOURISH shake for ultimate IMMUNE BOOSTING NUTRITION and

NOURISH is an Immune-boosting Nutritional Shake specifically designed to feed the immune system
with healthy fuel to rebuild, strengthen and protect the body against disease and pathogens. 


  1. It’s packed with more vitamins & minerals than other widely available nutrition shakes giving YOU
the highest concentration of immune-boosting nutrients.

  2. It’s loaded with Glutamine, an essential amino acid that’s responsible for cell regeneration in the
immune system, specifically in the gut. It plays a key role in enabling the body to naturally absorb
important nutrients.  Proper gut health is essential to good health.

  3. And we created the NOURISH shake for ultimate IMMUNE BOOSTING NUTRITION and OPTIMAL GUT HEALTH.

NOURISH meal replacement shakes were created in consultation with nutritionists and oncologists to
provide all the nutrition your body needs, especially during long periods of medication use or immune

During times of stress (like sickness, or extreme physical activity) and decreased calorie intake, protein is
vital to maintain muscle and energy. The whey protein isolate used in NOURISH is gluten-free and is not hydrolyzed, which helps prevent blood sugar spikes and dips which may contribute to

At Beeline Wellness, our commitment to the cancer treatment patient begins and ends with the



Hydrate. Soothe. Nourish. 
Safe. Affordable. Proven.