What Makes Soothe Unique?


Soothe is the first of its kind drink that targets the stomach and gut by tackling symptoms but also working to prevent the causes of the issues.

    1. First, Soothe works to quickly stop any immediate nausea - this is the bodies way of signalling to us that there is a problem.  Problems lead to immune deficiency and immune deficiency leads to illnesses both simple and complex.
    2. Second, Soothe works to restore equilibrium in the stomach and gut by neutralizing bacteria and increasing the immune defenses thus promoting a healthy homeostatic environment.
    3. Third, and most unique, Soothe contains Magtein, a clinically proven magnesium supplement that helps with mood and anxiety.  Research has shown that the head and the stomach have a direct connection - a superhighway connection of sorts - and by helping with mental anxiety and mood Soothe may help with what is called anticipatory nausea and stomach issues.  This is when mental thoughts and fears and insecurities lead your digestive tract to an uneasy state.

Your gut is your health.  Make a Beeline to a healthier, stronger and more immune you today!